Must Haves for Deep Sea Fishing

Must Haves for Deep Sea Fishing For deep sea fishing, also referred to as offshore fishing, one must go far out into the ocean to reach at least 100 feet in depth.  Therefore, it will take several hours to get to a good fishing spot. So, if you are prone to sea sickness, make sure […]

Surf Fishing Tips

Surf Fishing Tips A lot of anglers try to get the line out as far as possible, which will turn out not to be the best place. Watch the white caps in front of each wave. This shows where the sand bars are and where the troughs are. Where the waves are breaking is where […]

Bait for Surf Fishing

Bait for Surf Fishing Live or frozen shrimp are the most versatile baits for catching about any sports fish species. Cut off the head and the tail off to release the scent. Put the hook through the center of the shrimp. Clams are a great choice but are difficult to come by.  The other problem […]

Surf Fishing in Florida

I love surf fishing here in Flagler Beach, Florida. I lived in Virginia for many years as my husband was stationed in Fort Lee, and spent just about every weekend on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. After he retired from the Service, we moved to the Bay Area in California since that was his […]