Surf Fishing in Florida

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I love surf fishing here in Flagler Beach, Florida. I lived in Virginia for many years as my husband was stationed in Fort Lee, and spent just about every weekend on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. After he retired from the Service, we moved to the Bay Area in California since that was his Home. However, even in summer time it was so cold I had to wear a heavy sweater to work in Richmond.  The ocean water was much too cold to go swimming, and I was longing for the nice warm ocean on the Atlantic beach. We later moved inland, north of Sacramento, where is was quite toasty during the Summer, but I missed the ocean a lot. There, we did a lot of lake fishing off the houseboat.

Finally, three years ago I had the opportunity to move back to the Atlantic. This time we picked Forida and never had any regret.  I live one block

from  the ocean and go fishing whenever I can. I will talk about surf fishing in my next Post.