Must Haves for Deep Sea Fishing

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Must Haves for Deep Sea Fishing

For deep sea fishing, also referred to as offshore fishing, one must go far out into the ocean to reach at least 100 feet in depth.  Therefore, it will take several hours to get to a good fishing spot. So, if you are prone to sea sickness, make sure you take some preventative medication prior to boarding the boat or bring some to take as needed.

Fishing after a hectic week is so relaxing.
Deep Sea Fishing

You will need a heavy-duty fishing rod and reel, a landing net, a bucket, long-nose pliers, bait, and a ruler. You will also need a fishing license, which you can get online, at a sporting goods store or at the harbor. If you book a charter fishing trip, they usually furnish the bait and fishing license. Find out prior to your trip.

Make sure you check the weather report and bring a rain jacket or windbreaker or a heavy jacket and pants for inclement weather conditions. Wear shoes with rubber soles for slippery decks as well as good support since you will be on your feet while you are fishing.

A good pair of gloves is a necessity to protect your hands from line cuts. You should also bring a hat and sunglasses for protection from the sun.

Don’t forget food and plenty of water to keep you hydrated and your body in good shape.

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