Bait for Surf Fishing

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Bait for Surf Fishing

Live or frozen shrimp are the most versatile baits for catching about any sports fish species. Cut off the head and the tail off to release the scent. Put the hook through the center of the shrimp.

Clams are a great choice but are difficult to come by.  The other problem is that they do not hold on the hook and have to be tied onto the hook with a ghost threat.

Sand fleas can either be bought in the bait shop or you can catch them fresh yourself. To keep them good on the hook put the hook through the shell and out the belly.

Cut bait:  Smaller fish you can cut in half or larger fish cut off the head and the tail. Hook the head part through the lips and the back part through the tail. Put the hook through the side where the stomach is in the middle portion to release scent from the stomach.

Blue Crabs make a great bait,  but you have to know how to use them. First you want to cut off the legs just where they meet the body. Cut the crab in half and pull off the top shell. Cut between the knuckles and put the hook through the knuckle.

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