XBLACK Hard Fishing Lures Set Minnow Popper Jointed VIB Shrimp Frogs Crankbaits for Beginner Starter, XBLACK Baits, Catch Big Fish!


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  • 【Amount】48PCS Hard Fishing Lures Set – Jointed 4+4 pcs, Popper 6+5 pcs, Minnow 6 pcs, VIB 5+4 pcs, Crankbaits 5 pcs, Shrimp 3 pcs, Frogs 6 pcs.
  • 【Specification】4PCS Jointed A- 4.92in/0.62oz, 4# hook; 4PCS Jointed B- 4.13in/0.49oz, 6# hook; 6PCS Popper A- 3.54in/0.49oz, 4# hook; 5PCS Popper B- 3.54in/0.42oz, 6# hook; 6PCS Frogs- 2.16in/0.44oz all for Topwater; 6PCS Minnows- 3.34in/0.31oz, 6# hook for 1.31-3.28ft water; 5PCS VIB A- 2.95in/0.35oz, 6# hook for Deepwater; 4PCS VIB B- 2.16in/0.38oz, 8# hook for Deepwater; 5PCS Crankbaits- 3.74in/0.39oz, 6# hook for 3.93-8.85ft water; 3PCS Shrimps- 3.14in/0.18oz for Deepwater.
  • 【Material】Hard ABS plastic body,3D realistic eyes; 2 rust-proof sharp hooks equipped,2 times sharper and durable; BBS sound beads design inside, keep create effective noise; Life-like swimming action, natural swimming posture.
  • 【Applicable】Water-Saltwater,Freshwater; Fish-Widely targeting at bass, yellow perch, walleye, pike, muskie, roach, trout, etc..
  • 【XBLACK’s wish】Catch big fish with XBLACK baits!

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