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  • COMPLETE (and we mean it!) BEGINNER PACKAGE – When we say “complete package” we actually mean it! The Toe Dipper Starter Package was designed and assorted by fly fishing professionals to give a beginner fly fisherman everything to “dip their toes” into the waters of fly fishing AND succeed. It’s the perfect start to fly fishing! Each set comes pre-assembled so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running. Just add water!
  • EPIC, HIGH-PERFORMANCE, HIGH-QUALITY EQUIPMENT – We’ve gone to obsessive measures to give beginner fly fisherman access to epic, high-quality, high-performance equipment. Includes our advanced Fly Flinger rod that has been carefully crafted to achieve the perfect “yin yang” duo of power and finesse. We stand by our equipment 100%… because it’s the same gear we use and prefer as fly fishing pros. No need to worry about upgrading your equipment later on!
  • FLY SELECTION A BREEZE – Fly selection is a huge challenge for beginners. It comes down to matching the hatch – being in the right place, at the right time, with the right fly. Through a process of elimination and meticulous selection of thousands of fly patterns, we were left with the tried-and-true, fish-approved patterns. The Toe Dipper comes with our Essential Collection; 40 of the most effective flies and helpful reference cards to make fly selection a breeze, even with no prior experience.
  • SMASH THROUGH THE LEARNING CURVE – Shortcut your way to success! We’ve armed our starter package with a helpful beginner guide along with fly identification reference cards. We’ve cut out the fluff and made sure that you are only given the “tipping point techniques” that will fast track your way to succeed at fly fishing. Nothing more, and nothing less. Smash through the steep learning curve in record time!
  • UNMATCHED VALUE – Don’t get stuck having to buy outrageously expensive, middleman marked up, refinance the house priced gear. We cut out the middleman and sell our products directly to anglers. We’ve passed those savings onto you! We’ve designed the Toe Dipper to give you the perfect start to fly fishing, without the expensive price tag. You might even be able to show your loved ones the receipt without getting in trouble. Quality > Everything is our 100% guarantee.

Product Description

We’re Here to Help you Smash the Learning Curve

Fly Fishing is Hard – Especially for Beginners

Your success as an angler comes down to two things: 1) The gear you use and 2) The content you consume.

We’re a small group of passionate anglers from the heart of the Rocky Mountains, UT. We live, eat, and breath everything fly fishing.

We’ve come together for one reason – to help fly fisherman SMASH THROUGH THE LEARNING CURVE FASTER AND EASIER THAN EVER BEFORE.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, intermediate, or weekend warrior, we’ve got the content and gear for you.

The Most Complete, High Quality, Highest Performance Starter Packs Anywhere!

100% Ready to Fish – The Complete Package

When we say “complete package” we actually mean it!

Everything, from the big stuff like the rod and reel, all the way to the smaller details of dozens of effective flies and multiple tippet sizes – we’ve got you covered.

No need to worry if you’re buying the right gear or missing anything.

All you need to do is just add water!

High Quality, High Performance Equipment

We’ve gone to obsessive measures to give beginners the high performance gear they need to succeed.

Aligning our manufacturing expertise, with beginner fly fisherman’s needs, we’ve built starter packages we consider to be the fastest and easiest way to start fly fishing.

Break Through the Learning Curve in Record Time!

Shortcut your way to success with access to our beginner fly fishing guide.

We’ve cut out the fluff and only included the tipping point tactics and strategies used by professional fly fisherman.

Smash through the steep learning curve in record time!

Designed by Experts for Beginners at an Unmatched Value

Enough is enough – we’re tired of seeing beginner fly fisherman struggle – often times because of low quality gear.

After looking deeply into the aches and pains of beginner fly fisherman, we’ve designed these starter sets as the remedy.

Fly Flinger – High End Fly Rod

Rod Details:

  • 4 piece, 5 weight, 9 foot rod
  • High Grade Carbon Fiber
  • Fast Action – perfect balance of power & finesse
  • Includes two rod tips…just in case.
  • No Fault – Lifetime Warranty
  • Wood & Gunmetal Reel Seat
  • AAA Burled End Cork
  • Stainless Steel Guide & Alignment Dots

Durable, CNC Engraved Reel

Reel Details:

  • CNC engraved for Max Durability
  • Pre-spooled with High Quality Fly Line & Backing
  • 5/6 Sized Arbor

Fly Selection a Breeze

Fly selection is a huge challenge for beginners.

It all comes down to matching the hatch – being in the right place, at the right time, with the right fly.

We’ve included our super popular fly collections that include dozens of proven patterns to catch fish.

Each set includes helpful bug ID reference cards to make matching the hatch easy – even if you have little to no experience.

For multiple species. Covering all bug types. And all 4 seasons.

All the Gizmos & Gadgets

We’ve included all the fly fishing gizmos and gadgets you need…so you’re ready to fish upon arrival.

With decades of fly fishing experience between us, we know ALL THE GEAR A BEGINNER NEEDS TO SUCCEED.

Beginner Friendly Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Educational Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
High Quality, High Performance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extra Rod Tip Yes Yes NA NA NA NA
# of Premium Flies 40 122 122 200 40 NA