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  • SHADDOCK Spinner baits come with double willow Blade, Hand-tied silicon skirt, close loop for line attachment, also equipped with swivel and hook
  • SHADDOCK Spinner baits are made of metal and soft elastic silicone skirt (weight: 0.65oz/pc)
  • Spinner baits Includes a heavy weed guard to help come through cover easier. The Spinner bait with less vibration and more visible flash
  • SHADDOCK spinner baits can work in whole swimming layer, great for bass, carp, mandarin fish and snakehead fishing
  • Package include: 6pcs/9pcs fishing spinnerbaits in different colors

Product Description

SHADDOCK FISHING Bass Fishing Spinner Baits is a truly unique bait series. It features premium components and unique designs.

  • Spinner baits feature a hand-tied silicon skirt to create a bigger profile that undulates and swims on the retrieve.
  • Each spinnerbait comes with a high carbon steel hook help it stay high hardness.
  • Steel wire frame spinner bait provides the truest-running, longest-lasting spinnerbaits.
  • Package include: 6pcs/9pcs fishing spinnerbaits in different colors.

Bass Fishing Spinner Baits

Quantity: 6pcs / 9pcs

Weight: 0.65oz/pc

Component: double willow blades, hand-tied silicon skirts, swivel, hook and closed loop.

Target Species: bass, snakehead, trout, salmon, northern pike, mandarin fish, etc.

Reflective Double Metal Blades

Copper willow blade combinations enhance flash and vibration, spinner straightly and buzz correctly, not easy to rust.

Vivid Jig Head & Ultra Sharp Hook

High simulation jig head with realistic 3D stereoscopic eyes and scientifically spray paint.

Super sharp and strong hidden barbed hook avoid hanging on the bottom in water

Hand-tied Silicone Skirts

Hand-tied with wire underneath a 100 strands silicone skirts, offer an increased sensitivity.

Package 6pcs/9pcs 6pcs/9pcs 6pcs/10pcs 6pcs 6pcs/12pcs