Perfect Hatch Welcome to Fly Fishing Kit


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  • A $75 SAVINGS: Our Fly Fishing Kit includes The Opener 5/6 WT Rod & Reel Combo, Premium Laminate Wood Landing Net, Grab N Go Basic Trout Fly Assortment, Essential Tool Kit, Small Fly Box Clear Tri-Foam, Small Strike Indicator Quick Release Round Assortment, Clear Copoly Tippet 5X, and Two Knotless Tapered Leaders 9′: 5X and 6X Monofilament w/ 1X Perfection Loop
  • 5/6 WT OPENER FLY FISHING ROD & REEL COMBO: A ‘Ready To Fish’ Fly Rod (8.5 foot) and Reel Combo with a matte black finish. It features a quick change left to right hand retrieve configuration, cork on teflon friction disc, and a stainless steel disc drag system. The Opener Fly Reel comes fully loaded with fly line backing, fly line, and leader. The best all-around fly rod weight that is great for creeks, lakes, rivers, and streams for those targeting trout as well as panfish and lighter bass.
  • PREMIUM LAMINATE WOOD LANDING NET -“GHOST NET”: This Premium Laminate Wood Landing Fishing Net is an ideal net for catching bait fish or a variety of other small marine life. The rubber net is durable, so it will last for years to come. It is also lightweight and very easy to use.
  • GRAB N GO TROUT FLY ASSORTMENT: The Grab N Go Basic Trout comes with 8 of the most popular basic trout fly patterns to include Dry flies, Nymphs, Terrestrials, and Streamers.
  • ESSENTIAL TOOL KIT: This kit comes with 3 essential pieces that every good fly fisherman needs while streamside: Large Straight Forceps, Stainless Steel Nippers with a Needle and a Steel Retractor.
  • SMALL FLY BOX CLEAR TRI-FOAM: Low profile design for easy storage, triangular cut outs to guide fly hook into slit foam, and provides a tight, secure hold on flies.
  • STRIKE INDICATOR QUICK RELEASE: Round assortment, Small. Casts easier, reacts quickly, stays in place, and won’t spook the fish. Assorted pack with one each of green, orange, pink and yellow
  • COPOLY TIPPET 5X CLEAR: High-performance tippet that is made with a proprietary copolymer blend to significantly reduce water absorption while maintaining an ideal elasticity for high knot strength.
  • KNOTLESS TAPERED LEADERS 9′: Includes both 5X and 6X. Monofilament w/ 1X Perfection Loop. Whether dead-drifting small dries or splashing big hoppers, it’s the perfect leader for the task.

The Perfect Hatch Welcome to Fly Fishing Kit provides anglers with all the gear they need for their perfect catch: The Opener Rod & Reel Combo, Ghost Net, Trout Fly Assortment, Essential Tool Kit, and a Small Fly Box.