Nickanny'S Sportsman Rugged Outdoor Fishing Gear Vest with 24 Pockets and Neoprene Shoulder


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  • Neoprene,Polyester,Cotton
  • Snap closure
  • Hand Wash Only
  • LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIALS -Made from a durable blend of 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester for comfort while working outdoors like fishing, taking photos, hunting.
  • MULTIPLE USE- Multiple pockets are also good for travel photography or even on a construction job when you have lots of different sizes of screws and nails to keep up with.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT – Available in Large and XL sizes to wear comfortably. No need to deal with adjustable straps, snaps and zippers
  • CARGO VEST – Multiple pockets to store shells, hooks, and other fishing supplies. 9 zippered pockets and 7 patched compartments.
  • Color – Khaki with black accents.

Wear this vest by Master Sportsman for your fishing, travel, photography and other outdoor activities. The vest is designed for comfort which can be very handy with its multiple cargo pockets for optimal and easy storage.