M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Fly Fishing Vest Pack for Men and Women Outdoor Activities Adjustable Breathable Mesh


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  • Mesh
  • Imported
  • Zipper closure
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Adjustable G-mesh vest to ensure the perfect combination of comfort and functionality
  • Mesh back dissipates both heat and weight to keep you comfortable all day on the water
  • Includes multiple multifunctional sturdy, zippered compartments.
  • Includes rod holder strap to hold onto your rod tube securely
  • Package includes: 1 vest

Product Description

About Maxcatch Fly Fishing

Founded in 2005, Maxcatch began life as one man’s dream, a dream of a world where everyone, regardless of their economic circumstances, has the opportunity to discover and embrace the wonderous and engaging sport of fly fishing. That man was and is Mr. A.S.H.

Starting in his garage with nought but a few tools, a dream, and a single product – a fly box handcrafted by himself – Maxcatch began to flourish, quickly escalating in size, scope and ambition. Within a few years, our product catalogue expanded to accommodate the entirety of the fly fishing spectrum, with the company manufacturing and selling their own fly reels, rods, lines and clothing apparel – anything an up-and-coming fly angler could ever hope for.

With success came expansion. The simple garage and workshop set up wasn’t enough. With a rapidly expanding customer base both at home and abroad, we knew it was time to rise above our humble beginnings, expand our team, and find a new home.

Currently situated in Qingdao’s central business district, Maxcatch has grown significantly over the last 13 years. We now design, develop and manufacture industry-leading fly rods and reels, establishing ourselves as the leading fly fishing brands from China thanks to our factory-fresh prices, stringent quality control, and unparalleled customer support.

9 essential fly fishing tools 23.8″ x 11″ net, 8.6″ x 1.2″ handle, 9.4″ deep rubber net 55” 3wt, 4wt, 5wt, 6wt, 7w, 8wt 3/4wt, 5/6wt, 7/8wt