High Speed RC Saltwater Bait Boat, Gps Auto Return, Fish Finder and Line Release


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can set directional fixed distance in automatic navigation, and can preset the navigation distance from 20 meters to 300 meters (adjustment interval of 20 meters) on the remote control to realize automatic navigation and automatic bait drop.

  • This boat can store 16 target bait points. After the target bait points are stored for the first time, they can be used again on the same water location
  • Rechargeable remote with built in antenna makes it so easy to use and charge, no frequent change of remote batteries and antennas.
  • This boat uses stainless parts,stainless line release pin,screws,waterproof hull, suitable for both salt and fresh water conditions
  • The unique design of the our bait boat automatically releases the bait pin. Its advantage is that the feeding point can be seen visually, and the bait pin is automatically reset and travels more smoothly.


Product Description

High Speed RC Saltwater Fishing Surfer Bait Boat for Beach Fishing

  • 1. Fully sealed,waterproof body, wave resistant, one key GPS automatic navigation
  • 2. Built in antenna with 300 long range,no need external antenna
  • 3. All stainless parts,stainless line release pin,screws.
All stainless parts rust resistant

High Speed GPS RC Surfer Fishing Bait Boat

Features precise positioning and precise navigation. Positioning, navigation error radius is less than 2 meters.High speed with 775 motors.

Dimension 56*26*18cm
Weight 5KG
Power Supply 10A/7.4V Li-ion battery can work for 2-3 hours
Speed 130 meters/minute
Store GPS spots 16
Bait release pin Digital servo x1


Waterproof rust proof stainless steel plate high capacity boat battery