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  • Now Everybody Can Tie Professional Knots Easily: The Standard Hook-Eze Fishing Knot Tying Tool is the safest, fastest, and easiest way to tie professional fishing knots in all weather conditions. By covering the hook and its barbs with its patented design, you’ll be able to keep your hands safe while tying the most advanced knots
  • Ideal For Tying A Variety of Hooks: The Hook-Eze tool fits hooks sized from a standard 4/0 down to the smallest hook size #28. The fly fishing hook cover can be secured over hooks, jig heads, speed clips, and is great for tying swivels and selected flies. Each tool also comes with a stainless steel trimmer for cutting up to 50lb line when needed
  • Perfect Knots For Anglers Of All Ages: Hook-Eze lets anglers from all around the world tie the best fishing knots simply. The hassle-free tool even makes joining Braided lines to the Leader with famous knots such as the FG Knot, Bimini Twist, and Yucatan Knots an easy affair
  • Safely Transport Fully Rigged Poles: Use Hook-Eze to cover the hooks attached to the pole (cover up to 2 fishing poles) to safely transport your fishing poles whilst fully rigged. Avoid torn upholstery or damage to your car, boat or caravan and travel comfortably with your pets and children
  • Knot Tying Suitable For All Weather Conditions: Manufactured from 100% Raw Virgin Polypropylene and stainless steel fittings, the Knot tying tool is impervious to all weather conditions, especially the cold and the wet. The freshwater and saltwater fishing gear is thoughtfully designed for people with numb or arthritic fingers, and other disabilities to the hands

Product Description

Tie Perfect Knots with Ease… tie them with Hook-Eze fishing knot tool!

Hook-Eze helps to tie Hooks, swivels, jig heads, a selection of smaller flies, and speed clips for attaching lures or other Rigs.

Great for Kids & Travel Safe

Hook-Eze Knot Tying Tool is suitable for All Anglers!

Anyone who has trouble with tying fishing hooks to the line should have one of these tools. It will be a great addition to any fisherman’s arsenal, no matter the age or skill level.

Great for Kids

Hook-Eze gives you peace of mind knowing the sharp barbs of the hook are protected to minimise the risk of injury so you can spend more quality time with your children. Now your children will be able to rig their tackle safely

SAFE hook cover

Safely learn to confidently tie your OWN tackle with a professional knot that won’t slip undone and provides more opportunity to catch a fish.

Tie perfect knot, catch more fish

Hook-Eze enables you to tie your hooks and tackle FASTER and is great for tying line-to-line, braid-to-leader & FG Knot.

HOOKEZE Patent Design
Protects fingers from sharp barb
Simplifies tying strong knots
Stainless steel line cutter
Attaches hook to rod securely
Suitable hooks 4/0 hooks down to smallest 7/0 hooks down to smallest 10/0 hooks down to 1/0 4/0 hooks down to smallest
Material UV resistant 100% Raw Virgin Polypropylene and stainless steel fittings ABS resin and stainless steel fittings ABS resin and stainless steel fittings Aluminium alloy and stainless steel fittings
Able to tie Nail Knot
Bottle Opener
Bundle available