Fishing Hook Quick Removal Descending Device, Fish Hooks Remover Detacher Tool, Fishing Gear Security Equipment Kits for Adult, Hook Extractor Accessories Tools with Storage Tube, 4PCS


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  • 🐟UPGRADED FISH HOOK REMOVER: Non-Slip sturdy handle with anodized surface treatment, 4 different color bright and beautiful. Made of stainless steel, the surface is comfortable grip and not easy to fade or rust. Light in weight, serviceable and reliable. Suitable for freshwater or saltwater.
  • 🐟Spiral Extractor Design: The fishing hook disgorger kit can quick removing the hook from 360 degrees. The humanized design simplifies the hook removal steps, saves the hook time, protects your hands and reduce damage to fish. It’s ring mouth is adjustable in size.Equipment suitable for fishing lines and eagle claw fishing hooks of different large or thicknesses.
  • 🐟Each storage tube packing: 4PCS fishing pliers hook removers length is 6.8 inches, the weight is 0.88 oz. with ergonomic to enhance hand strength and reduce fatigue. Storage tube can be conveniently placed in your small backpack is easy to carry and storage, ready to serve you for a long time and good gifts for fishing lovers.
  • 🐟Strong Magnetic Bottom: The bottom of the fishing hook setter tool adopts a strong magnetic design, which can quickly absorb the hook and also help you quickly find the hook accessoies you want from the fishing equipment. Saving you a lot of time and energy.
  • 🐟 How To Use: 1.Assemble the equipment part; 2.Place the release loop on the descending device’s fishing coil line; 3. Slide the hook and along the line can easy to find and quickly release the hook.

Product Description

Why You Need YIMISION Fish Hook Remover Tool?

Sometimes, removing a hook can be simple, and it’s easy to pluck it right out. But when you’ve really buried a single hook, need to pull a treble hook free, or have a hook set too deep to reach with your fingers, the right tool is essential.

We need to use a fish hook removal tool because the hook can be difficult to remove from a fish’s mouth.

And anytime you’re dealing with big, bad fish like pike, blues, or sharks, getting your fingers anywhere near those sharp teeth is a terrible idea.

If you’ve ever struggled to remove a hook, whether because it was too deep to reach or too stuck to budge, you know how valuable the right tool for the job can be.

Protect Yourself and Fishes

The usual way to attempt this removal would be with your fingers, but sharp hooks on some rigs and crankbaits can easily get caught on fingernails or cut skin and cause more damage, as well as getting bit if the fish you have caught has teeth.

Difficulty removing a hard-to-reach hook causes distress to the fish and yourself.

Ours hook removal tools work by releasing the hook from the fish fast and efficiently. Allowing you to return the fish to the water fast without causing distress and harm to the fish or yourself.

Strong magnet on the bottom available to absorbe fish hooks.

360°Surround design help quickly remove the hook.

Stainless steel material for long-term use.


  • Lightweight, convenient transportation
  • Perfect for removing hooks from fish, fish with teeth or deeply–hooked
  • The stainless steel hook tongs are high in strength
  • Corrosion-resistant, also suitable for saltwater
  • Ergonomic handle, easy to use and comfortable to hold
  • Smooth hook surface, nice for fishing line
  • sizes to handle a smaller of fishes

Package Includes:

  • 4 colors* Fish Hook Remover tools (17.5cm/6.9inch)