Eupheng Fly Fishing Accessories Fly Fishing Tools Kit, Fishing Knot Tool and Line Clipper with Retractor, Magnetic Net Release Holder with Lanyard


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  • 6in1combo A including: Fishing line tippet spool holder,wader zinger retractor,4in1fly fishing knot-tying tool, line clipper,Stainless steel nipper,fly fishing forceps.[Fishing tippet spool holder] Great aluminum tippet spool holder: attached to any vest or bag easily. Holding the tippet spools in order and readily available.
  • [Fishing zinger retractor] Fishing wader zinger retractor good for hold small accessories like nippers and other tools. They can attach to your fly vest, jeans, neck lanyard,backpack, it is great to keep your tools always handy and never lost.
  • [Fishing Knot Tool Line Clipper] 4-in-1 Multifunction fly fishing knot-tying tool, [CNC Machined Nail Fishing Knotter Tool]  An excellent knot tying tool for any type fishing  it can be attached to a zinger or can be worn on a lanyard for quick access. With line groove and thumb decent to keep ends stable and in place when tying the knot. It is easy and reliable. The length:3.5 inches/ 8.75cm
  • [Stainless Steel Nipper]  Cut fishing line cleanly, Large attachment hole fits any zinger, the same function with fishing knot tool line clipper.
  • [Fly fishing forceps] Stainless steel fishing forceps Fishing pliers scissors hemostat curved forceps, Removing hooks, rigging and tying knots. cutting line, cleaning up stray knot ends. A built-in scissors for cutting line and cleaning up stray knot ends locking handles, oversize thumb holes with soft-grip handles ensure solid.