Dr.Fish 60 Pieces Fishing Lures, 5 Tackle Box with Tackle Included, Trout Lures Rooster Tail Spinner Baits Soft Baits Fishing Lures for Freshwater Saltwater Crappie Walleye Bass Topwater Lures Kit


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  • 100% Full Lure Kit: A 60 pieces HUGE quantity fishing lure kit with 5 tackle boxes that includes almost every type of lures you need. This assortment includes 40 spinner baits, 8 fishing spoon lures, 6 soft swimbaits, 5 crankbaits and 1 popper.
  • Premium Components: Every lure in this kit are made from high quality components. Spinnerbaits are made with stainless steel shafts and brass body with laser painting spinner blades. Hard lures are painted with highly detailed laser coating. Soft baits are extremely life-like and made with tear-resistant silicone. Every lure is armed with a high carbon steel hook to secure your catch.
  • Carefully Selected: Every color and pattern, and even the bodies and beads of lures in this set are carefully selected to ensure the highest bite rate. All lures are tested before putting them in this kit to make sure they all have irresistible swimming action to attract fishes from the depth.
  • Multi-Purpose: The diversity of this fishing lure kit allow you to target many different species of fish under many different circumstances with just our kit. You can use this kit for bass, trout, walleye, panfish, perch, salmon or pike. And you can use them for both freshwater or saltwater fishing under different water situations.
  • Box dimension: 7X4X0.8 inches. Spinners weighted range from 0.09oz to 0.14oz including hook. All lures are packed inside boxes so you can put them into your tackle bag and enjoy your fishing trip.

Product Description


Contents 100 spinner blades, 60 fishing hooks, 70 clevises, 30 spinner shafts, 30 lure bodies, 20 floats, 1100 fishing beads 1 tackle box ,100 hooks, 90 spinner blades, 20 spinner shafts, 120 clevises, 20 lure bodies,1345 beads, 20 rig floats 10 Bell Shape Inline Spinners with Double Sided Tackle Box 12 Stacked Bead Shape Inline Spinners with Double Sided Tackle Box 278 Pieces of Lures and Terminal Tackles
Weight 1/4oz 1/4oz
Length 2-1/2″ 2-1/2″