Cut Resistant Fishing Gloves, anti Slip, Open Finger Neoprene Gloves, Water and UV Resistant with Adjustable Velcro Wrist Band for Swimming, Surfing, Diving, Rafting Activities


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  • Cut Resistant Gloves for Fish Handling (No More Worrying About Cuts or Scratches) – They are also cut-resistant, providing added protection while handling sharp objects. Furthermore, the gloves are designed to help quickly de-hook fish, making it easy to handle and release them safely back into the water.
  • Water Resistant and UV Protection Fishing Gloves – repels water and provides protection against wet conditions, and also feature UV protection to keep your hands safe from harmful rays. Additionally, the gloves are designed to provide warmth, making them ideal for cold weather conditions.
  • Lightweight & Comfortable (Provides Good Grip) – the anti-slip silicone netting ensures good grip and maximum control, making it easy to handle slippery fish and other items. The Adjustable Wrist Velcro provides a snug and secure fit, ensuring the gloves stay in place during fishing trips and ensures you can wear them comfortably for extended periods without any discomfort.
  • Must-Have for Any Fishing Enthusiast: Adjustable Velcro provides a snug and secure fit, ensuring the gloves stay in place during fishing trips
  • Durable and provides the best proctection for any activity: The durable construction of the gloves ensures they can withstand wear and tear and continue to provide the best protection for years to comeIn addition to fishing, these gloves are perfect for a variety of other activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, hunting, hiking, rowing, etc.

Product Description

Removable fingertips, provides fishermen and anglers with exceptional dexterity and control when handling tackle. This feature allows users to easily tie knots and handle small objects with accuracy, reducing the risk of cuts and injury during the fishing process. The removable fingertips also allow for a better grip and tactile sensitivity, providing an optimal fishing experience.

Touchscreen compatibility, allowing fishermen to stay connected and productive while out on the water. This feature enables users to use their smartphones or other touchscreen devices without having to remove their gloves, keeping their hands warm and protected in cold weather conditions. This functionality is particularly useful for fishermen who need to stay in contact with their clients or update social media feeds with fishing reports and photos.

Equipped with cotton insulation, providing fishermen with exceptional warmth and comfort during long fishing trips. This feature retains body heat and provides insulation in colder weather conditions, ensuring that hands stay warm and comfortable for hours on end. The soft and cozy polar fleece lining also provides a comfortable fit that feels great against the skin, reducing the risk of chafing or irritation during extended fishing sessions.