Camo Outdoor Recreational Camping, Hunting, Pier Fishing Folding Wagon All-Terrain Cooler Wheels with Rod Holders


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Product Description

Mighty Max Cart Features

A versatile fishing rig, ready to hit the water. The Fishing Rod Holders and Tool Rack Attachment allow you to carry up to 5 fishing rods.

Designed to make moving and transporting objects, both easy and efficient.

A versatile and sturdy cooler carrier that offers ample easy portability for your coolers, for outdoor gatherings, events, and camping trips.

Ergonomically designed to reduce strain, it’s the ultimate back saver for moving heavy objects with ease.

1 Strong Construction 2 Rust-Free 3 3 Sizes in One 4 Wheels 5 Axles

1 Fishing Cart 2 Cooler Hauler 3 Sports 4 Moving

Patented, Portable, Powerful

Made in the USA

After designing predecessor versions of the Mighty Max Cart overseas for years, inventor Jack Clark decided to shift future production to the USA. By the beginning of 2011, the first USA-made Mighty Max Platform Dolly was produced at facilities in Texas.

Today, the Mighty Max Cart has grown into an all-purpose, multi-terrain, weatherproof, go-anywhere cart that’s designed to be used year-round.