Booms Fishing X1 Aluminum Fishing Pliers Saltwater, Surf Fishing Tackle Kit, Fishing Multitool Hook Remover Braided Fishing Line Cutting and Split Ring with Coiled Lanyard and Sheath


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  • Aluminum
  • Imported
  • X1 fishing pliers is aluminum handle and stainless steel jaws and other parts construction. It can open split ring remove hooks and cutting braided line
  • [Aluminum Handle Inset Spring] Using aluminum handle is more lightweight and support inset the braided line cutters. The pliers can automatically open when there loaded spring
  • [Feature Fishing Jaws] The stainless steel jaws added a small hook at the top for opening the stubborn split rings it can help you repair your lure. There also with a split lead and single-barrel crimping position
  • [Super Braided Line Cutters] Unlike the previous pliers, Aluminum fishing pliers can cutting braided line and mono line for inset braided cutters. You just line up the pliers you can get smooth and clean cut
  • [Secure your Pliers, No Lost Again] We plus a steel wire coiled lanyard and nylon holster to always keep this handy tool within easy reach and security. You can wear on you belt or you fishing bag, keep you hands free

Product Description

X1 Fishing Plier features a user-friendly longer nose to develop an ideal size for medium fish, delivers easy and safe hook removal everytime.

Key Attributes Classic and Reach Deep Blacnced Size with a Stylish Look Lightweight and feel comfortable Innovative Quick-Cut Combines a Handy Grip Elegant Design, Thickened Body, Well Made
Cutting Ability Braid, Mono, Flurocarbon Braid, Mono, Flurocarbon Braid, Mono, Flurocarbon Braid, Mono, Flurocarbon Braid, Mono, Flurocarbon
Length 7.8 in 7 in 7 in 6.8 in 7 in