Bait Boat,Orange, GPS Auto-Navigation, Bait Boat, Store 16 Bait Points


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  • 3.7V 20A high capacity lithium batteries can work for 3-4 hours after charging. The large bait tank is auto-elevating, can carry 1.5kg of bait at a time, features dual 380 gear drive, high-strength 304 stainless steel mud cover, and injection-molded ABS plastic hull
  • This bait boat can set a fixed distance automatic direction navigation and preset the navigation distance from 20 meters to 300 meters (adjustment interval of 20 meters) on the remote control to realize automatic navigation at a distance of 300 meters. A true bait casting robot
  • It can store 16 bait positions. After the target bait point has been determined for the first time on the same water surface, accurate positioning can be achieved when re-casting (hooking) the bait. Accurate positioning can be achieved even in the dark night with no moonlight. Bait (throw the hook).
  • The working frequency is 2.4g, it can set 250 frequency points and preset different frequency points. Several bait boats can be used simultaneously in the same fishing ground without interfering with each other.  
  • The unique automatic lift bait trough design makes driving more stable, and the built-in propeller design is suitable for occasions where there are aquatic plants and objects floating on the water.