Amundson Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Automatic Expansion Graphite Carbon Rod Aluminum Spool Reel Portable Travel Camping Kit All Season All Weather Fishing Lures for Beginner and Angler Fishing Gift


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  • ✅【AUTOMATIC QUICK SETUP FISHING COMBO】- The fishing combo is quick and easy to set up for both fishing beginner and experienced angler. Tech-centric fishing rod is compact (6 pieces) with automatic expansion technology. The fishing reel is pre-spooled (right to left-hand convertible). All season fishing lures and spare parts are pre-tied and well organized (no time wasted on tying knots). Within minutes you can get ready and cast away, enjoying fishing like flash.
  • ✅【DURABLE FISHING RODS AND REELS】- Made of IM6 graphite with Amundson innovative internal shock cord design, allowing automatic expansion to setup in seconds, ensuring proper assembly of the rod and increased tensile strength of rod blank. Pre-spooled reel with 6lb High-Visibility Monofilament to assist in seeing your casting direction, especially in poor weather. Aluminum spool, 3+1 stainless steel ball bearings, one-touch open & folding handle, retrieve reel with instant anti-reverse system.
  • ✅【PRE-TIED LURES FOR ALL SEASON ALL WATERS】- 16 pre-tied lures and spare parts are packed in water-resistant zipper box. All lures thoughtfully curated for targeting trout, crappie and all species of panfish. Pre-tied and organized on foam leaderboards. Easy-to-follow instructions to help you navigate any water condition, weather, or season. Simply clip on to your main line and cast. No time wasted tying knots or digging through a tackle box.
  • ✅【FULL-ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR NEEDS】- Accessories include a multitool (with a plier), microfiber quick dry towel, a user manual which guides you through fishing preparations, and a solid built water resistant carrying case. The case has an easy access front pocket to store lure kit for fast access, an internal shell for protection of rod and reel, and tool loops located on the front of the pack – perfect for the supplied microfiber towel and multitool. Tutorial video available by QR code.
  • ✅【YOU BREAK IT, WE REPLACE IT】- All products are tested for quality at every stage of the designing, prototyping and lab testing stages and ensured with rigorous field testing. 1 YEAR UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY: You break it, we replace it! Please feel free to contact us for any details.

Product Description

Amundson Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Quick and Easy Fishing Setup


Fully expand the rod sections by removing the strap

Align the arrows

Lining up the arrows will ensure your guides are parallel with each other

Line through guides

Thread your line behind the line roller and through all the guides

Pick & clip lures

Use the lure selection guide from the manual to pick the right lure and clip it to your line

Cast and catch your fish!

The Savvy Rider Makes Fishing Easy

Perfect for everybody!

The Savvy Rider Kit is complete with everything you need to start fishing. Even for beginners with zero knowledge about fishing. The User Manual has a Lure Selection Strategy Guide so you always use what’s best for the water and weather condition.